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Since 1994, AJS Naturals has been making ear candles utilizing a formula and technique that was passed down by family.  Our formula simply uses highly purified beeswax that is uniquely infused with food grade paraffin. This blending technique is a family secret that creates a great performing ear candle.  The formula produces a consistent burn rate and creates a comfortable burn temperature. 

In producing our ear candles we utilize a special molding technique to reduce wax buildup. This process results with an ear candle that has very little interior and exterior “wax” surface buildup.

This helps make a safe and more pleasurable ear candling experience. Compared to other ear candles, the excessive wax buildup is very noticeable. We also use a special type of muslin to produce ear candles. Of all the grades of muslin, only one will give you the sturdiness and bonding characteristics that create the type of ear candle we look to produce.

We strive to make quality ear candles that provide results. When using our ear candles you will experience a feeling of warmth and a relaxing sensation of enjoyment. This experience along with results is what our customers enjoy and expect.

For more about the ear candling experience, please find time to read the following article published by “The New York Times”. 


  Notice that our ear candles have uniformity.

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Ear Candle Length:  10 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches;  1/2 inch interior diameter barrel that tapers down to an adjustable 1/8 inch diameter open tip. No plastic insert is installed in the tip of our ear candles.

Our ear candles are made with filtered clean pure beeswax, infused with food-grade paraffin. And quality grade unbleached muslin material.

The burn time per ear candle will vary depending on the local climate and elevation. But in most cases, each ear candle will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

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