USA – Beeswax / Paraffin Ear Candles – 4 Pack


A Four (4) Pack, of quality handcrafted Ear Candles by the makers at AJS Naturals. An American business that has been providing Ear Candles to the public, retailers and professionals, an alike, Since 1994. At no extra cost you can choose from the following scents: Unscented, Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender, and Eucalyptus. If  you place an order with a sub-total equal to $50.00 or more you can qualify for Free Shipping.

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ear candles by ajs naturals

Our product is guaranteed to be freshly made and of excellent quality and craftsman’s ship this is so you are provided with a candle that will give you the experience and provide the results you’re looking for its intended use, or for whatever use you have for it. The ear candling procedure is very easy, with a helper, the experience of having a procedure done for its general use is as follows. Those who have gone through the process general report the same experience, at the beginning you will hear a sizzling sound that quickly turns into a tingling warm sensation and a feeling of overall calming and stress relieving that is felt throughout body. As the process continues the sizzling feeling will get more pronounced and more noticeable, at this point the heat generated from the ear candle starts working to soften up that deep hard-core wax begins to infuse smoke into a limited layer of wax. Throughout years working in this field, and speaking to other experts, it is thought that cleaning process is done by the body itself. As the procedure ends, that layer of wax that has been infused with smoke begins to loosen and flake. The body at this point takes over as it does not take well to smoke being anywhere within or on the body. A natural cleansing process takes place, and over the next few days that affected layer of wax will begin to flake and discharge from the body naturally. Thus, the ear candling procedure just helps or assists the body’s own natural cleaning processes, that’s the magic in a nutshell. For that fact many people have reported a variety of uses for ear candles, and they are numerous.

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