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– AJS Naturals offers a pack of 500 handcrafted Ear Candles

– Available scents: Unscented, Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender, and Eucalyptus

– Serving the public, retailers, and professionals since 1994

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Ear Candles by AJS Naturals

Our product is guaranteed to be freshly made and of excellent quality and craftsman’s ship, so you are provided with a candle that will give the best experience and will provide the results your customers will be looking for in their intended use, or for whatever use they are purchasing them for.
In general the ear candling procedure is very easy, as long a there is a helper available. As a retailer we would like to educate and set the story of how a ear candle works. This knowledge was provided to us by our grand and great grand parents of their intend use and their natural acting properties.
Also, with nearly 30 years in the business of selling them to a variety of people including general customers, professional practitioners in the art of ear coning, and reported reports from professional MD’s/Doctors.
They all agree in general that those using ear candles had shown a remarkable reduction in ear wax and/or have found that it can result in its complete eradication.
At this point, we would like to explain the procedure of ear coning and revisit the conclusions of how an ear candle can reduce ear wax. First we would like to explain the ear coning procedure and what those have reported.
With a helper in the beginning the small narrow end of the candle is placed up tightly to the ear opening, shorty after lighting the larger end you will hear a sizzling sound that quickly turns into a tingling warm sensation and a feeling of an overall calming and stress relieving affect that is felt throughout body.
As the process continues the sizzling feeling will get more pronounced and more noticeable, at this point the heat from the candle starts working to soften up that deep hard-core wax which induces an infusion of wax and smoke that is forced into the ear. Now back to the conclusions of how this remarkable product works to remove the wax.
Throughout many years working in this field, and speaking to experts, it is thought that cleaning process is done by the body itself. As the procedure ends, that layer of wax that has been infused with smoke begins dry and loosen into flakes that is expelled by the body naturally.

Thus, the ear candling procedure just helps or assists the body’s own natural defensing and begins a cleaning process.

ear candles

ear candles

ear candles

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