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– AJS Naturals offers a pack of 12 handcrafted Ear Candles

– Available scents: Unscented, Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender, and Eucalyptus

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Introducing AJS Naturals’ Beeswax / Paraffin Ear Candles, now available in a convenient 12-pack with free shipping options!

These ear candles are carefully crafted using high-quality materials, beeswax, and paraffin, ensuring a clean and pleasant experience.

With our friendly customer service team, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are committed to delivering a superior quality product and exceptional service with every purchase.

Are you looking for an alternative way to remove ear wax? Look no further than our high-quality ear candles.

These specially designed candles provide a safe and effective method for maintaining clean and healthy ears.

Be sure to always have an assistant to help so that you can experience a safe and healthy treat.

The 12-Pack is just the perfect amount for you and or your friends to try and gain, an introduction to how our Beeswax / Paraffin Ear Candles perform!

By lightly inserting the smaller diameter tapered end into the ear canal, let the candle work its magic by simply fusing a layer of hardened wax with smoke-induced by the ear candle.

At this time, you will begin to experience a soothing warmth that strangely enough gives you a feeling of calm and a stress-relaxing experience.

From this, a gentle wave of heat starts moving over and around the layers of hardened wax.

You will shortly begin to feel and hear a tingling and sizzling feeling and sound which marks the point at which the hardened wax starts to soften and combines itself with the smoke.

Our ear candles ensure you the most natural and optimal results possible with no or minimal discomfort.

With their ease of insertion and secure fit, our candles offer a hassle-free solution.

For those individuals with excessive earwax build-up that have very loose runny yellow ear wax flowing from the ear canal, a candle can pull this type of wax out.

Those with such a condition may need to have as many as three ear candle treatments within one session to have any results.

However, it is strongly encouraged that these individuals seek out the care of an “ear, nose, and throat doctor” for assistance.

At least have an ear-coning professional practitioner to properly access this condition.

After years of experience and having extensive conversations with experts, it is widely believed that through the ear coning process the body will clean itself.

It is easy to deduce that through the act of ear coning the body is encouraged to through its natural process.

The layer(s) of wax that became infused with smoke, starts to flake away and over the next few days, the body sheds these flakes.

In essence, the ear candling procedure catalyzes assisting the body’s innate cleansing abilities to start working.

ear candles

Enhance the holistic approach to ear care.

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