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We have been providing the highest quality handcrafted Ear Candles to our customers, since 1994.

What sets our product ahead of the others:

1. Our Ear Candles are freshly made which ensures a higher standard of performance for our customers.

2. We create an Ear Candle with little to no excess wax build-up to form an Ear Candle. A lot of our competitors out there are selling ear candles with a lot of surface wax buildup, which produces false results with no benefit or concern for safety.

All our ear candles come to you in various quantities. After selecting your quantity preference, please be sure to select a “Scent” from the following available scents: Unscented, Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender, Eucalyptus, or a Combination – “If not indicated within “Notes” – this will default to equal parts of Unscented & Lavender.”

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Made with a special blend of premium beeswax and food-grade paraffin, each candle is thoughtfully crafted to ensure its utmost safety and quality of performance. Immerse yourself in a clean and soothing sense of ambiance as you indulge in our exquisite ear candles. With whatever amount you select to purchase, our ear candles will set you at ease as soon as you begin the process allowing you to experience joy and an extended period of relaxation and tranquility during the procedure. Our candles will allow you to elevate your self-care routine with the finest ear candles available on the market. With our friendly customer service team, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to delivering a superior quality product and exceptional service with every purchase. Are you looking for an alternative way to remove ear wax? Look no further than using or at least trying the ear candle alternative. These specially designed candles provide a safe and naturally effective method for maintaining clean and healthy ears. Be sure to always have an assistant to help so that you can experience safe and responsible treatment. If you have extra, please Introduce your friends to this experience, and for those that need help an introduction to how our Beeswax / Paraffin Ear Candles perform could change their lives! The following statements are opinions and conclusions drawn from years of experience and working in this field, gaining insight from others into how this product manages to do things that are not easily explained. Many report starting the procedure by adjusting the size of the smaller diameter tapered end of the candle and gently inserting it to the outer edge of the ear canal opening with the intent of creating a good seal. Most if not all of our customers claim that the candle works its magic by a simple process of fusing layer by layer of hardened ear wax with the introduction of a right amount of heat and smoke generated by the ear candle. As you start the process, you will soon feel a soothing warming sensation that promotes calmness and relaxation. A gentle wave of heat begins to move over and around all the layers of hardened wax. Soon, you will begin to hear and feel a tingling and sizzling sensation and sound; this is a sign that the ear wax is beginning to soften and bind itself with the smoke coming from the candle. With our ear candles, you can achieve natural optimal results with minimal or no discomfort. With their ease of insertion and secure fit, our candles offer a hassle-free solution. For those individuals with excessive earwax build-up that is very loose and runny with bright yellow ear wax actively flowing from the ear canal, it is strongly encouraged that these individuals seek out the care of an “ear, nose, and throat doctor” for assistance or have an ear-coning professional practitioner access this condition for treatment. After acquiring years of experience and engaging with experts and the average users, it is widely believed even among some medical professionals that the process of ear coning, somehow facilitates the body into a natural ear wax removal process or self-cleaning mechanisms of the body where over the coming days after treatment small flakes of ear wax will begin to be discharged from the ear canal. Ear candles are a natural and better method for removing ear wax, by far. In the medical field, forcing chemicals into the ear canal is the most commonly used treatment to remove excess ear wax buildup; however, this practice is more likely to cause several ear problems and or issues, such as infections, wet ear syndrome, and swimmers’ ear, all have long term negative effects.

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